Thursday, December 20, 2012

Post-India Whirlwind

After I left India, it was full steam ahead. I landed in LA on Friday, flew to SF on Sunday, and started my new job on that Monday. Let’s just say it was a whirlwind, but one that I absolutely loved. I had nothing but new job and baby on the brain.

I, being the planner that I am, started thinking about schooling and sports…. Already showing my tiger-mom tendencies. What took up much of my time was doing the research about what it would take to raise my children multilingually. Languages have always played a major role in my life and I think it can only help the children in terms of intelligence, worldly affairs, and more opportunities in life. I made the decision that I wanted to raise my children in the German language as this is the language I consider myself completely fluent in. I was also interested in enrolling them in multilingual immersion schools. Most of the schools in the Bay Area had Chinese, French, and Spanish immersion schools. I’m not too worried about teaching them English since it is the dominant language of the US. They will become fluent whether they want to or not. I am really looking forward to this. I even joined a German Literary Group in Oakland to maintain my German in preparation for this. This excites me.

In terms of the next steps with SCI clinic, I needed to select a donor in September/October so that my Donor could start egg growth treatment in November. The clinic gave me close to 100 different egg donor profiles. I search through the for close to two weeks before making a decision. I also forwarded these profiles to my mother and sister. A funny thing happened…. We were all looking at different metrics to make our top 5 decisions. Height and skin color were important to me. Cyncere focused on hair thickness(and strength) and smaller facial features to match my bigger features. And my Mom focused on what their eyes and smiles evoked happiness. We ended up choosing egg donor 1038 since she passed all of our criteria. 

To give you a sense of what my kid might look like I used a morphing application online… here you go:

To give you a sense what Black and Indian babies look like I turn your attention to
The kids basically look Dominican. =)
My current Egg Donor Schedule:
19th November, 2012 - Start down regulations
28th November, 2012 - Suppression scan + Blood test
29th November, 2012 - Test reports will be available
30th November, 2012 - If reports are okay then start stimulation
18th /19th /20th December, 2012 - Tentative day for egg collection

I just received an email form the clinic:
Dear Anwar,

Greeting from SCI Healthcare!!! We hope you are doing fine. We would like to inform you that your donor is doing perfectly fine. Keeping the same in view, we have scheduled her egg collection on 22nd December, 2012. Kindly note that we will send you some suitable surrogate profile by 20th December, 2012. We will get back to you soon with the further updates.

With Best Regards,


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