Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mini Reveals

New Law

So this new law that was recently more clearly revealed is totally scary and bigoted (in my honest opinion), but life will go on. I am a true believer in everything happening for a reason so I know those future single parents, LGBT parents, and younger coupled parents will complete their families in due time. I will say though, that after I read the post by SCI, I had to email them immediately. They ensured me that I was included on 'the list' and that I will be ok on a tourist visa to pick up my children. I am so grateful that I decided to begin the process when I did. There were friends of mine (early in the process) who thought I was rushing into this or that I should “wait until I meet someone”, but I stayed true to myself and what I knew my path to be and I pressed on. For that, I am proud of myself.
Costume (Drag) Party
So last Saturday, it all finally came together. I, along with Cece and a couple of other friends, were organizing a surprise Drag party for our best friend Jeff. I couldn’t really talk about it because he reads this blog and I didn’t want to spill the beans. It was truly amazing and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Just imagine… 20 people, each over 6 feet tall in wigs, makeup, heels, and clothes in the name of fun! Jeff absolutely loves drag and dressing up, so this was a dream come true for him. The look on his face was truly amazing and I will never forget it. Thankfully Cece caught that moment with her camera. He was laughing hysterically for at least 5 minutes when we all surprised him. It was one of those special times I will never forget, and it felt great to do this for him with my closest friends Franny, McFierce, Jason, and Cece. Just amazing. Unfortunately, we all promised not to show pics to the world to maintain privacy, so I can’t show any, but you all can just imagine. I mean, I shaved my moustache for it, which I haven’t done for at least 10 years, so you know I was taking this seriously!
Telling Family
This past Monday I decided to tell my (extended) family about the process and the babies. It seemed as though my family were very supportive but I don’t think they understood how it was all working together. I believe it was maybe ‘too’ unconventional for many of them. Many were at a loss for words. All in all, it was still great to share this amazing part of my life with them. I must be honest though, I am still not sure when I will be ready to tell the general world. It has given me pause as to how and when to tell people in the future.

Work has been surprisingly calmer than expected. I am looking forward to see how the transition will go after next week when my boss is gone. My bike training has been going well. I can feel my body getting stronger. So I have been chatting with a guy name Fritz via and we have a date on Saturday. He is 40, a physician, and German. We will see how it goes… no expectations.
Nothing but love,



  1. Hey just catching up, sounds like you guys had an amazing time at the party! ref your new post - hope you feel better soon.

  2. Yes the party was amazing! It was great to make someone else's dream come true. Thanks for the positive thoughts. I have fully recovered and I'm ready to live life like its golden!