Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Where are my (3-D) Glasses?

Last Friday I received the following email:

Dear Anwar,

Greetings from SCI Healthcare..!!!

We hope you are doing well.
We would like to inform you that as per our schedule we have done a level II & 3D scan for L.
Please find attached herewith her scan reports.
We are pleased to let you know that she is doing perfectly fine and babies are growing well.

Our obstetrician team has reviewed the reports and noted that everything is fine with her and her pregnancy.Dr. Jolly has also captured some of 3D images of babies.We are sure that you will like the same. You can see babies' eyes, nose, lips clearly.

Her next scan will be done within one month.
We will keep you updated with her further progress and new status.

With Regards,

Wow… just wow! This stuff is crazy! I can’t believe how big and developed they are! Although the scans are a bit muddled (probably realistic to what is going on in womb), I am so happy that the clinic sent them. The fun part is going through this process with my Mom and seeing and hearing her amazement on how far technology has advanced since she gave birth to her children.

It is truly amazing. She seems to think the top 3-D scan is of a boy and the bottom scan is of a girl just given their facial features and how pronounced they are. I can see it but still not completely sure.

At the beginning of the pregnancy I wanted to know the gender(s) so badly, but at this point, I feel like I can definitely wait until they are born. I guess the more people ask about the genders (which they ask anytime I talk about this process/journey) the more I want to wait. I don’t really subscribe the pink for girls and blue for boys mentality. I’m not trying to be an ultra liberal here, but I just don’t subscribe to the gender bias/conformity/constructs that is pushed in our society. Not knowing the genders, I’m hoping will deter people from buying pink and blue things for the babes! We will see, though! Ok, I’m off my soapbox.

This weekend I was able to read a significant part of the book Juggling Twins, which I love. My favorite ideas I got from the book so far are:

1) Everyone brings diapers to the Baby Showers since they never expire and because you can never have enough, especially with twins. These will be so useful in the first 6 months!

2) The prioritized A list of the very necessary baby furniture and supplies to have in the first 3 months.

3) It was also refreshing to hear that it is ok to receive hand-me-downs on some things except for Baby Bottles and Car Seats. I was struggling with this question but reading the authors thoughts gave me some perspective on it all.

This past week I have also completed my research on potential pediatricians and finalized 3 potential pediatricians. Now I just have to set up appointments and have an interview with each one of them. My older sister has been pushing this since she found out that I was pregnant so she will be happy to hear that I have actually listened to her (it doesn’t happen often). One of the pediatricians is a Spelman graduate (alma mater of my sister Cyncere) so I’m leaning towards her but we will see how the interviews will go.

All of the above things have gotten me so excited about the babes.
I’m kinda a big bundle of joy these days.


  1. Aww I love your 3d scans. I think one of them is a boy too. I'm also reading the same book. It's a great read.

  2. Hi Anwar! I live in the Bay Area and using SCI, I would like to connect if you are interested. pookiepowder@yahoo

    1. I just sent an email. I can't wait to connect!

  3. Glad the book is such a hit - it was my bible when our boys were born 3.5 years ago. I so wish we'd done the diaper baby shower idea too.