Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Baby Love, My Baby Love...

Ohhhh how much I love Paternity leave. It has been amazing just to be home with the babes. They surprise me and teach me something about myself everyday. I am super grateful to have them.

Back Home:
The flight back from India was pretty uneventful. My Mom and I were super surprised the babes traveled so well. It was a 20 hour flight and they slept for 90% of the time. I attribute it to the voodoo called Baby Bjorn and the white noise of the planes. All in all, I was a very proud papa! We had a slight stop in London where Mom and I met up with Jerry again and he was able to meet and hold the babes. All he could say in his thick british accent was... Anwar, my word, am I holding them right?" =)

Once in SF, Cyncere picked us up from the airport. By this time, I'm complete out of it. I will say that Virgin Atlantic was a dream to fly, especially with the babes. They really took care of us and always made sure we had everything we need, including an entire row to ourselves. We never wanted for anything.

The Babes:
Gotta love their big eyes...

Babes have acclimated nicely to Bay Area living. They are health nuts and love walking everyday. Of course they are superstars where ever they go.. aka the twin phenomenon. They are gaining weight like monsters and their first pediatrician appt and Ravi's circumcision went all well. I have their 2-month visit next Thursday, where we are to receive all of the vaccinations. I'm a bit nervous but looking forward to their supreme health  after the vaccinations.

I was easily able to put them on my insurance and received their social security cards in the mail a couple of weeks ago. It is funny what people will do for a 'single dad with twins'... let's just say I'm milking it for all its worth.

I have been following the sleep training strategy of the book 12 hours in 12 weeks and it seems to be going really well.  The real training has started last Friday and I have already seen great progress in their night sleeping. I put them down at 8pm, after their bath. They wake up at 1am and 5am although I can already see us phasing out that 5am feeding, since they barely drink any milk during that feeding.

Halloween is right around the corner and we excited over here. Ravi will be an Elephant and Zora will be a Lion (their spirit animals). I, of course, will be the zookeeper! Pics soon to follow.

My Bay Area friends have been so amazing. They are coming over and visiting and meeting the babes. They have been so supportive and helpful already with all of the check-ins and food delivery they have been doing. It has been really amazing. Below are some pics of them in action...

GMA is here looking after the babes with me. Her visit has been a god-send. She has been so helpful in all aspects of our daily routine. I especially love the daily walks we take. It means a lot to me that my children were able to experience her love and presence (even if at a very young age).

On the second day here, she told me I was an awesome parent and that really melted my heart. It is something I will never forget. I especially like discussing all the new parenting opinions/thoughts/mentality vs. her old-school methods. It has been eye-opening for us both. She leaves on Sunday and she will be sorely missed. Because of her, I was able to go out and see friends without worrying about the babes.

Until the next feeding,