Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jumping Out of a Plane

On Saturday I rode my bike 60 miles in the North Bay of SF with my friend Kevin. We went through major climbs and made a few stops which enabled us to get done by 2pm. I was so happy to have some Saturday to enjoy. Like every week for the past 4, I fell once trying to stop and get out of my clips. It is always a bit embarrassing, but apparently everybody does it while just learning so I don’t feel too bad about it. The great thing about my falls are definitely the love I get when I return home. I get the extra doggie voodoo from Kaiser and Twix. They licked my wounds to the point where they disappeared and I had sign of injury. Although it sounds disgusting, I think it is the sweetest thing ever!

On Sunday, my sister and I went skydiving. It was truly an amazing and empowering experience. I really didn’t freak out at all until I was at the edge of the plane about the fall/drop/jump. My tandem expert partner’s name was Seva and he was from the Ukraine. Cyncere’s partner was a guy from Israel. The guys were super nice and friendly. I guess we felt indebted to them for having our lives in their hands and making sure we were alive at the end. We decided to tip them for their services. Funny enough, in terms of the actual experience, I thought it was going to be like the Freefall ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain, but instead I actually felt like I was floating. Definitely a very special moment for both Cyncere and myself. I am so happy we were able to do it.

After the skydiving, I was extra tired. Chalk it up to the 3+ hours of driving to get to and from the skydiving location, or the adrenaline high and low, or the fact that all of my surrounding co-workers have been feeling under the weather. I WAS BEAT! Sunday night and Monday night I slept almost 12 hours each. I haven’t done that since university. =)

The good thing about resting and taking it easy the last couple of days has been being able to read up on baby stuff and catch up on some trashy TV.

Last Friday, I was able to tell my surrogacy journey story to a LGBT couple that is going to get married in July. As I was talking about my journey, it got me all excited again. I, of course, sang the praises of Indian Surrogacy and especially SCI as a partner clinic. I was saddened to also talk about the new laws that were enacted. It was disappointing to have gotten them excited about a potential way to have kids but to have their excitement diminished once they learned that they could not start the process immediately. I hope that the laws will be changed soon so that potential amazing intended parents will have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams regardless of one’s ‘status’. =)

Anyway, on a more positive note, I was reading an article on Yahoo  about 8 ways how to be happy and being a parent was one of those things! It made me smile... here's the link for those interested:

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