Monday, April 1, 2013

Mariah, JLo, Ricky Martin, and Me

Friday was a very productive day in terms of baby research. I spent most of the day on going over Baby 101 things as well as Baby Supply Lists. I also printed out sleep, input/output, and vaccine trackers. It is a great website and encourage all of my fellow intended parents to check it out. This week, I have planned to tell the world via Facebook about the twins and create my baby registry. I have decided not show any scans because 1) I don’t wanna be ‘that parent’ and 2) I don’t wanna be ‘that parent’. =) I’m thinking I will post a little poem about twins or refer to my divas who have had twins before me… Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and Ricky Martin. I know for a fact that the comments will be quite interesting; most people will want to know the dying question… HOW!?!

Anyway, after Cyncere and I pigged out on Hometown Buffet we were so stuffed, we passed out. I, like the Walking Dead zombie that I am, woke up at 3 in the morning and decided to look up personality kabalarian traits from first names of the kids. I will just say that I have my girls names are set but my boys names are not as set I as I would like them. Most omens and signs point to a certain name while Cyncere and myself love love love the other name. This is why I needed to look up, to get more guidance on which name I should choose. It turns out the ‘omen’ name belongs to an aggressive, rambunctious person who hates authority, whereas the other name (which I learned is traditionally female) defines a person who is a driven perfectionist who is on the materialistic side. Yikes!

Saturday I woke up early (around 6am) and drove to Sacramento to ride bikes with my friend Kevin and our FedEx teammate Louis. Kevin is the amazingly generous person who has enabled me to do the AIDS Lifecycle by loaning me a bike, clothes, gear, the works! We ended up doing 70 miles which is the longest ride I’ve been on to date. It was also fantastic practice because that was a typical daily distance for the 7-day ride event. I felt great doing it and surprisingly was too sore, just my butt bone. After the ride, the guys said I was ready for the ride and could do it tomorrow if I wanted to. That was an amazing vote of confidence and made me feel pretty ready! I can’t wait to ride out next weekend! Ohhhh MMMMM GGG, I almost forgot to tell you…. Saturday was the first ride I did with clips and biking shoes. Basically clips lock your shoe to the pedal and, in essence, make you a much more efficient rider. It takes time to get used to them because you have to have a certain technique to unlock yourself from the bike or you will tumble over while trying to stop. I will just say this…. I only fell once, but screamed like I was in a SCREAM movie while falling all the way to the ground. Can you say embarrassing??? The funny thing is that that experience weirdly made me more comfortable with the guys I was riding with and I was able to smile/laugh about it afterward.
Kevin and Me:

It rained for most of Sunday so Cyncere and I got some take out for Easter and watched a marathon of Ally McBeal all Sunday! It was the perfect relaxing day after the strenuous ride the day before. Tomorrow I should hear from the clinic about how the babies are doing (I don’t know if they are jelly beans anymore). I’m excited to see how big they have grown and if one twin is significantly larger than the other which is the case for many twins. Fingers crossed.



  1. you made me lol ref your bike ride with clips, it just reminded me of my hubby's first time training with them, he did London to Paris for charity, his first time was too funny. You will do great! good job on the training, 70 miles for your first session is fab! Hope you got your scans and all is well with your little ones.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I am so motivated to do this and do it well. Scans are coming in two weeks. I'm on the monthly cadence now. Yayyyy and boooooo at the same time!