Monday, May 20, 2013

If you don't do kids, you don't do me!

Heyyyyy! I hope everyone is doing well. I had a good weekend but am currently tired. Mondays are my early days when I get in the office around 6:30am. No complaints though; I’m feeling great inside! I had a good weekend.

This weekend was productive in terms of the BABY process. I finally finished my baby registry at Target and I did some spring cleaning and got rid of a lot of stuff in my room to start to make room for the babes. I also found 5 German childrens books at thrift stores, which I’m totally excited about. That ups my count to 7 books. I registered for my First Aid and CPR classes. I’m also going to be registering for swim classes this week. I’m not a great swimmer but want to improve for the sake of my kids just in case anything happens. I guess it is true what they say… your kids make you a better person and stretch you in ways you never thought. It is just funny that it is already happening and they aren’t even here yet. Speaking of the babes’ already present effect, my mom now likes to report to me the twins that she sees as well as any LGBT parents she sees while she is out and about! Gotta love Mom for that!

Soooo, I’ve been dating a guy named Darin for about 2-3 weeks now. He is a high school photography teacher and he is nice guy. We have had good times together . I hadn’t told him about the babies yet and I’m actually glad I didn’t. In our last date on Friday, he made an off-hand comment that he is not the biggest fan of kids. At that point, I knew not much would come of our relationship. I have now vowed to tell people more upfront where I am with the process and having children.

With Love,


  1. I'm so happy for you! I already want to babysit!!!

  2. So fun regarding your mom! So true regarding kids stretching you too! I always mention I have two kids upfront. I have no time for guys who don't enjoy the company of kids or understand my time commitment to my kids... so telling them upfront is a wonderful self-selection out process :)

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