Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Ya know the SCI family has been nothing but supportive and helpful.
I recently received an informational email about what I needed to pick up the babies so I thougth I would share in the hope  that others can have an easy time. Shout out to Pookiepowder, you know who you are!


This is the email I got when I set up the appt for the DNA test.
1. Original birth certificate and a photocopy of the same for the children.
2. Original passport and a photocopy of the accompanying US/Indian citizen parent of the children.
3. Two photographs of the child and one of the accompanying US/Indian citizen parent(s). 4. The clinic charges Rs. 1600 per sample taken and applicants should pay by abank draft at the time of sample collection. In case more than one sample is to be taken, a single demand draft of the combined amount for the total number of samples can be made. The draft should be made out to MAX Healthcare Institute Ltd, payable at New Delhi. (The easiest bank for non-Indian nationals to obtain a bank draft is SBI – the State Bank of India. Your hotel and/or driver should be able to point you in the right direction). Once the testing is done at the Embassy, the DNA kit is then sent by courier to the laboratory for analysis. To assure your departure is not delayed, we recommend you contact the laboratory to verify the kit was received, and also to ensure the DNA results are processed expeditiously. All test results must be forwarded directly from the laboratory by email to ndboxdna@state.gov.

Great resources:

Embassy & FRRO FRRO:
1. Application - http://indianfrro.gov.in/frro/
2. Undertaking letter - They basically want you to write that you will take care of the children
3. Flight confirmation information for you and the children
4. Form "C" from hotel or apartment manager
5. Surrogacy Agreement - provided by SCI
6. No objection Letter from the surrogate - provided by SCI
7. Embryology Report - provided by SCI
8. Delivery Report - provided by SCI
9. Embryology Letter - provided by SCI
10. Discharge Letter - provided by SCI
11. Parent’s Passports
12. Children’s Passports
13. Children’s Birth Certificate
14. Marriage Certificate
15. Copy of Medical Visa Registration from FRRO
When we went to get our medical visa registered, the reception person at the FRRO said we did not need to because it was not over 6 months and there was no stamp on it that said we needed to. I was not comfortable with that so I asked the gentleman at the in-charge desk. He confirmed that what the reception person was correct but that he will register my visa for me because it doesn't hurt and it doesn't cost. Good thing I didn't take no for an answer because once I got to immigration at the New Delhi airport, our visa registration form was the first thing they asked for.

US Embassy
1. Passport Application
2. CRBA Form
3. Social Security Benefits Statement Printout
4. Copy of passport page with picture and visa page
5. Passport photo of children
Items that I had copies of but can’t remember if they took a copy:
Certification of Naturalization or Birth Certificate
Front and Back of Drivers License
Social Security Card
Other Items:

DNA Kit - I used chromosomal labs cost $796. They only do this on Tuesdays at the Embassy so set your appointment to do your ACS and DNA test on Tues. so you don't have to go twice. We did ours on July 2 and the results came back on July 9. I did not pay for the extra $200 rush fee. July 4 was a holiday. You will need passport photos of you and you will need DNA size photos for the babies. You should do the intended part in the US before you leave for India.a You will need to make arrangements of a courier to send you back the CRBA to your home in the US. There is a guy inside the embassy building but outside the room you will be submitting all your paperwork at. He charged 1350 Rs, you need to prepay this. When we went back to pick up the passports, it was confirmed by the embassy that the guy did indeed give them a prepaid envelope to send the CRBA back to us at home. We didn't have any other carrier so we just went with him, but you can go with any courier of your choice, the Embassy just needs a prepaid envelope from you.

Children’s Social Security Number Application – They gave the application back to us to submit to the local Social Security Office when we get home. They said it takes 3-4 months if you submit it through them but if you submit it back in the US, it will only take a few weeks.
Tax Returns - I brought along copies of last five years but they didn't need it Employment Verification - They didn't need this from us.
Tax Return Transcripts - They did not need this. I like to have more then I need so if I were you I would just request this through the IRS automated system. Doesn't cost anything and it doesn't take much space. Get it for the last 5 years.

What we brought for baby pickup: We stayed for 2 weeks, we brought
7 packs of diapers (not much difference between preemie and newborn size),
we came home with 2 Five packs of the Costco wipes, that was perfect.
Phil & Ted cocoons are a must
Since our babies were preemies (a little over 4 lbs) - we bought these to put in the cocoons - http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2539400&locale=en_US
Newborn clothes were too big, Gerber makes onsies that come in a pack that say for 5-8 lbs - those were OK. Search craigslist for preemie clothes before you leave, if you don't mind used.
Bring lots of swaddler blankets - ours kept getting dirty so we hand washed it but took long to dry. I love the muslin type. http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3973443
Microwave sterilizer bags http://www.amazon.com/Dr-Browns-Microwave-Steam-Sterilizer/dp/B0035LQNNE/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1374757738&sr=8-2&keywords=dr+brown+microwave+steam+sterilizer
Collapsible Drying rack If you plan to handwash any of the baby items, bring baby detergent.

Gloves did not fit. I don't know if they sell preemie gloves. Otherwise, just make them yourself or bring the long sleeve onsies where you can fold over the hands.
Disposable changing pads – We didn’t bring this but wished we had for the plane ride http://www.amazon.com/Munchkin-Arm-Hammer-Disposable-Changing/dp/B002KCMSPQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1374758057&sr=8-1&keywords=disposable+changing+pads
Ready made formula nursette – Another item we wished we had for the plane ride. While we were in India, we used Nestle PreNan, the children were very constipated on that. Maybe think about a bringing your own formula from home that is more broken down and easier to digest.
Slings – If any of the babies are lap babies, having a sling would be good to hold them in.


  1. I was told to apply for my son's social security number at home (Los Angeles) also, because it would be faster. However, the social security office would not accept his birth certificate, they needed the consular report of birth abroad, which we received a few weeks after we go home. For us, it was a bit of a hassle because we were filing our taxes and REALLY needed that ss#. In retrospect, I think it would have been faster to apply in India. Just a tip.

  2. Hi there, I hope you don't mind me asking a question.... When you say the clinic charges 1600 rps per sample taken, what sample does this refer to? I haven't been through this process yet, but I was under the impression that the DNA sample had to be taken at the US Consulate, is that not the case or have I totally misunderstood what sample you were talking about?

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