Saturday, August 3, 2013

In One Month...

I received an update from SCI yesterday (one of the final ones):
Dear Anwar,
Greetings from SCI Healthcare..!!!
We hope you are doing well.
We would like to inform you that we have done USG scan of Laxmi as per our schedule.
Kindly find attached herewith reports of the same.
We would like to inform you that Dr. Shivani has reviewed the reports & noted that " Single Circum nuchal loop of cord seen".
Please note that if the same persist then it is likely that she will have her delivery via C-section.
Your babies are progressing well.
Please note that her next scan will be done within one month.
We will keep you updated.
With Regards,
SCI Healthcare

The scans at this point don't really show much of anything these days but I am still grateful that SCI sends them. I asked about the "Single Circum nuchal loop of cord seen" comment and the doctor assured me that it would continue to be monitored but should not be cause for concern. That was a relief to hear. The babes are about 4 lbs each! They are growing so much in these last few weeks, I am just amazed at this entire process!
Over at my house it is baby central! The baby shower is next week and I am getting so excited! This one of the few times in my life where people from all of my life will come together (apart from my wedding and funeral). I am so touched that people will come and celebrate this very important time in my life. 
I have also been keeping up with my SCI brother Fred ( as he has arrived in India to pick up his babies. This morning I woke up 5am to Facetime with him. He is absolutely on cloud 9, and he has complete reason to be:

His kids (Camden and Chase) are so gorgeous. They move so much and are so expressive. I still can't get past all the hair they have! What angels! Watching his process gets me so excited about mine. I can't wait to pick up the babes!

Other things that happened this week for me:
-I turned in my Visa application and I will be picking it up on Tuesday, hopefully. BLS is the new Visa Processing Company. It used to be Travisa. BLS is pretty horrible in terms of service and clarity in the process. They didn't honor my online application (good thing I had copies of everything). They also didn't have change for the cash I paid and forced me to get my own change at a nearby hospital.
It was a bit frustrating but I'm glad that part of the process is done. Let's hope that they fulfill their promise of getting me my Visa in 5 business days, which people on Yelp have said it takes a bit longer sometimes. I am setting the intention to pick it up on Tuesday though! =)

-I completed a letter to my unborn children. Babycenter advises that parents do it and I thought it was a good idea so I did it. It was a great reminder about my own values and what I wish for my kids in this world. It helped me put some things in perspective. As someone who takes pride in achieving, writing this letter really helped me understand that at the endof the day i just want my kids to be good, well intentioned people. It is that simple.



  1. That is so neat, you are so close now.... You must be sooooo excited.
    The medical visas are taking forever in Canada with the same company so we decided to do ours early, the last person I talked to it took them 7 weeks. It was making me crazy, so I just did it early.
    When are you going?
    We are busy nursery decorating this weekend, oh ya and practicing Hindi. That FaceTime pic is soooo cute.
    Lynn and Rajaj

    1. Yesssss! I am deep in nursery decorating myself! Slider, Dresser, Crib all put together. I hope to show pics of the complete nursery in a couple of weeks! I'm leaving on Sept 9th with my Mom! We are super excited! Re: Visa, I feel like I should have done it like 2 months ago, but I think things will work out for the best. Re: Fred's babies, they are soooo cute and have so much personality!

  2. Hi Anwar, Thanks for sharing the news about Fred. And it's been great following your journey in past few months. I used to look up to Fred for someone who was about 9 weeks ahead of us. With Fred passing the finish line, now our attentions is heading to you as you are about 6 weeks ahead of us :) Best wishes in the next few weeks.

    1. Thanks for following my journey. It's like you do this blog and never know who really reads it, ya know! Sharing each other's story and journey is such a powerful and informative tool. Fred has been so helpful to me. I can only hope to share as much info as I can. We are all in it together! Thank you for the wishes. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out.

    2. I cannot seem to find your email address. Want to exchange email and stay in touch as we both prepare for India? My profile has my email.