Monday, February 18, 2013

Tell Me Somethin' Good!

I woke up this morning hoping to receive an email from SCI but I haven’t heard anything yet regarding my surromom’s latest scan. It was weird because they have been very specific about communication timing up until this point. At first, I had a little freak out but then I calmed down and realized that things will be a little less stringent (in terms of communication) as the pregnancy moves forward. I won’t be getting emails every week anymore. I emailed them today so I am sure they will email me tomorrow. I am believing that no news is good news!

My mom told me that she has begun having dreams about the babies. Apparently, the dreams have been centered around her holding, kissing, bathing, and burping the young ones. She said, “ since I can’t talk about them… I am constantly thinking about them.” This is part proof that my Mom and sister are probably more excited about the babies than I am (kidding). =) I guess I’m too wrapped up in prep/research mode at the moment!

As far as my weekend, it went well. On Friday, I organized a social tennis event and after play drinks. We had 32 people come out (vs. the usual 12 people) and about 15 of those people went to after play drinks. I got a lot of encouragement about the event. My co-manager of the event kept on saying I was very organized which really made me feel good. Externally I played the compliment down, but internally it felt good and gave me more encouragement that I will be able to care for the twins. Perhaps it sounds silly, but I worry about this at times.

Saturday I slept all day. I guess I was still exhausted from my Mom and Gma visiting, the workweek, and not getting enough sleep (one night Kaizer peed in my bed in the middle of the night) so I had to clean it up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep. I guess it is good prep for what will come, huh? That reminds me.. Have I ever showed you a pic of my dogs? Well then.. here ya go:

Me and the doggies (Twix and Kaizer)
The pee-pee culprit, Kaizer

Sunday was a good day where I felt like I was back on my routine. Cyncere slept all day because she wasn’t feeling well so I was taking care of her, did some gardening, read, journaled, studied my German, cleaned the house, did laundry, and played tennis with a friend- overall a relaxing and productive day. I wanted to do my taxes since it is tax season but didn’t have enough time. I will do them sometime this week.
This week I will be starting my Aids Lifecycle training and I’m super excited.
I look forward to getting in better shape, eating healthier, and overcoming another challenge.


    We have 2 of our own and an "honorary" one that may be a mix. They are such a hoot. (The boys wear belly bands to help with marking issues.)
    My hubby was playing baby cries from the computer to gauge their reaction the other day. LOL.

    So excited for you!!! How many weeks are you now? Can't wait to watch your story unfold.

  2. No news is good news it happens, and you have to see was it a Indian holiday? also going from trimester 1 to 2 is difficault cause you only get 1 e-mail a month from 2, but good luck. ps keep a look on the FRRO website so you are up to date on procedures

  3. Way to go Anwar!!! I started working out again (getting healthy for my baby) and 20 min a day is killing me. I am in total awe of these endurance races. Good luck!!!!