Monday, February 4, 2013

The Weekend

On Friday, I had to take my car into the repair shop. My good ‘gral’friend Jeff helped me out majorly by picking up the car and paying for it before I got off of work. It was a huge reminder why I came to the Bay Area. It was friendship and reliability like that, which makes my Bay Area friends my family. As I rarely ask others for help it is great to know that my friends will be there for me. They will all make such great aunties! It takes a gay village! =)

The weekend was fairly relaxing. No dates this weekend because I had so much to do. On Friday, I went to First Fridays (monthly Oakland street festival with open museums/galleries) with Cyncere and my friend Mcfierce. We had a good time although the next day we heard there was a shooting, so don’t know if I will be attending again. I mean, I’m a mother now, y’all!

Saturday was pretty chill. I had a GLTF gala event (Gay Tennis) and although I was dreading it all day, I actually had a good time and met some cool people. Crowd was a bit older (mostly 40-50 yo).

Sunday we ended up going over to Justin’s house for the Beyonce concert (aka the Superbowl). What a great game! SF 49ers were so close but couldn’t make it happen. Maybe next year! It was interesting… my baby news is spreading like wildfires within my friends circle. At the party, a friend of mine (who has a child) asked me what I’m most looking forward to when the babies come.
It took me a long time to answer but I said:

-I can’t wait for the teachable moments we will have and the subsequent ‘a-ha’ moments

-How their eyes will light up with amazement

-Their specific milestones

-Being a pack master of my own tribe

-Their German language

-Really everything =)

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