Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine’s Day

What a nice and relaxing Valentine’s Day I had. Work was good and not stressful at all. Then I came home and Cyncere and I watched the two greatest love stories ever told… “Romeo and Juliet” and ‘Scandal’. After watching R+J, Cyncere had the brilliant idea of naming the kids Mercutio and Benvolio… and I gagged. Not saying those names aren’t great, I just don’t see it for my kids. What do you all think?
I mean... I already have my names picked out but I will share those with everyone in the third trimester =)
Recently I have been having this feeling that I might have a girl. I don’t know what this is all about. Every little brown girl I see, I see a future child. It is hard for me to see how my potential son would look like. Did/Does anyone else have certain feeling about gender early in the pregnancy? What are some of the reasons you felt one gender vs. the other?

I’m looking forward to Monday’s report. It has been two weeks since my last report so I’m excited to see how things are going with the surromom and the jelly beans. I have done my own calculations and their due date will be Oct. 3, which is my GMA’s birthday. I think that is a great omen! Have a great weekend everyone!

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