Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The India Trip (Prep)

After I got my job, I decided that I had to go to India immediately (to begin the process) or I wouldn’t have time to go in the near future because I was starting a new job. After the background check came back clear (whew!) on 6/18, I knew I had to make it work since I wasn’t starting the job until 7/9. I found out I had to go to San Francisco to get my visa so I flew to SF that Wednesday the 20th got my visa on the 21st . I had already gotten my India ticket on the 18th so I was pretty much set to go. I had coordinated both the sperm deposit and the dental work that I wanted to get done in the 9 days that I was going to be there. Everything had worked out perfectly and everything was meant to be.

It was interesting though….once I told two of my closest and oldest girlfriends that I was going to India; they were shocked. I guess things were going too fast for them but I had informed them that this was my plan and this was what I was going to do. It was bizarre to get such a reaction from some of my oldest friends. I think I was under the impression that I was going to get their full support but that wasn’t the case, at least not initially. Both of my friends thought I had rushed into this even though I had been planning this for 2-3 years intensely. Weird. I quickly got over it like I do most things.

I guess now I should talk a little bit about the research I did and why I chose India and specifically SCI Healthcare as a fertility Clinic.

India was a logical choice for me for the following reasons:
Price – India surrogacy costs are significantly less than in the US (~$100K)
Rights – The surrogates will have no rights to the child whereas in America it is always a gray area
Open to Single Dads – India have no issues with single parenthood or LGBT intended parents which can’t be said for some programs in the US. As I visited the clinic, I could tell that this is a business first and foremost.
Expertise/Success Rates – The clinics have complete control of the entire process and are delivering many babies every day. They insert around 4 embryos in the surrogate versus only 2 in America, increasing chances of pregnancy significantly.

I was specifically looking at 2 clinics: SCI Healthcare and Rotunda Both are amazing clinics but after doing exhaustive research I found out about hidden charges at Rotunda and that they were not as friendly. I was also very swayed by the blog of a single dad, Michael, who had been working with SCI healthcare: He had such glowing reviews of the clinic that I really had to go with it. So that’s what I did. Next blog I will discuss my trip to India and include pics/paperwork/etc.

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