Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Beginning

Wow, don't I have so much to catch you up on. Well, I guess I should start with the cliche line of, " I've always dreamed of having children," because in reality it is true. Since I could remember I always knew I would have children. The funny thing about it is that I always dreamed of having kids alone, as a single parent. Call it my subconscious homosexuality as a young child or my immediate example of a my single mother raising me, who knows? I always told myself that I would have children when I was 30. I always thought it was a good age, not too young and not too old. I guess you could say that I have always been a planner and have prided myself on achieving all goals put ahead of me. Anyway, I guess the first step of this process was telling my sister and mother that this was my plan.

So in the summer of 2010, after I graduated business school, I sat them down and told them that I would be having a child via egg donorship and surrogacy via India and I would need their undying support moving forward. Like in every diabolical plan I have had in my life, they were on board.... need I say more excited than I was. Let's just say, we immediately went online and started looking at baby designer clothes (ie D&G kids, Guess, Gap, Ralph Lauren). We are definitely a fashion happy shopping family! =) That brings us to this year.... 2012... the year that I would be turning 30. As I reassessed my life and where I wanted it to be as many people approaching 30 do, I realized a few things. If I were to achieve the things I wanted in life, I needed to leave LA, my overly stressful job, some of the toxic people in my life. And let's just say, that's exactly what I did. I'll spare all the gory details but in mid-June I was able to secure a job with Kmart managing all the Womens Apparel and Accessories in San Francisco (my adult home). At this point, I thought it would be a the perfect time to go to India and begin the surrogacy process since i didn't know when i would have the time to do so later on 9not know how the demanding the new job would be). Next Post: I'll discuss my surrogacy research and my trip to India.

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