Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cyncere ‘the Godmother’

My sister Cyncere has always been someone that has been very close in my life. I usually say to myself that our souls are intertwined.

It was kinda a no-brainer that I would ask her to be the godmother of my children.
Although I am 8 years older than she is, many people think we are twins and she is the older, which speaks to her maturity, grace, and poise.

She is a natural nurturer and a motherly figure to all of her friends. I noticed this while visiting her in Atlanta. Most of her friends ask her advice and she will probably be doing their hair or their makeup before a night on the town. She gives great advice, loves to empower others, and is a lot of fun. I am still in awe of her documentary where she chronicled the history of Black Lesbians (something that hadn’t really been done before). I will never forget the energy of the room and the appreciation of many Black Lesbians in the premiere showing of the documentary. She had given a voice to those who historically hadn’t had one.

I admire her ability to have a vision and to see it through. In 2011, our family came together for what we call Tamale Day, where the women of the family spent the entire day making hundreds of tamales for the family. It’s a tradition our Latina Aunt Helen brought to us. Sadly, this tradition fell by the wayside after she divorced our Uncle. Well, Cyncere wanted to bring this back and partnered with our cousin Monique to make this happen. It was a great success. She had brought all of our family members together again and continued an important tradition in our family.

She also has a very sensitive soul, whether she is crying over a recent bad dream she has had or an emotional episode of Downton Abbey or Parenthood. Her empathy and sensitive soul enables her to easily form bonds with a wide variety of people. It is her sensitivity that is her strength.

I can go on and on about Cyncere, but I just wanted to talk about some examples of why she is amazing.
Our relationship is part sibling and part best friend. We challenge each other to be our best selves. When I was doubting myself in applying to the best schools in the business school application process, she asked me a question I will never forget… “ What does your heart say?”All in all, I can just say that… she gets me. When I’m being moody or my tongue is a little sharper than it should be, she laughs in my face. Not many people can do that , and also put a smile on my face at the same time. We recently got a tattoo that represents our love for one another: infinite.

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