Friday, January 4, 2013

India Pics

So my sister read my posts and called me out that I forgot to post my India pics... so here are a few of them...
Typical India Breakfast
Typical Lunch
Where I deposited!
Ummm eww.. not necessary thanks!
Where I stayed and where the clinic was! A nice part of Delhi. =)
There you go. My sister also commented on how rushed my blog seems at the moment. You are probably thinking the same thing. I guess I can explain this in two reasons. 1) I am playing catch up to where I am now in the process and 2) At this point, the process is very business oriented with tons of little details that must be taken care of. instead of bore you with these, I thought I would go over the more important things. Also, I believe that once I receive a confirmed pregnancy, you all will start to read more emotion in my words. -A

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