Sunday, April 7, 2013

I'm Having Twins, y'all!

Twenty fingers, Twenty toes
Plenty of work, heaven knows!
Four little arms to hold tight.
Four little cheeks to kiss night-night.

I'm having twins, y'all!
(Due Date: mid-Sept.)

That was my Facebook post this week as I revealed the pregnancy to the world. It was really amazing to get so much love from people! Here are just some of the messages!
    Miki O yey!!!
  • Patrick C Congrats. Enjoy it.
    Cheryl G Amazing!! Bye bye sleep and disposable income!
    Rhea T Absolutely thrilled for you!!!
    Karesha M YAY!!!!! So happy for you!!
    Carla F Wow...congrats!
  • Alissa M Congrats!!
    Yui S It's official. Twinsies!!
    Lonnie W Congrats Anwar!! I know you will be an amazing parent.
    Giulia M Twinsies for twinsie!!
    Ricardo F Are you going to be a father? Tell me everything about it!!!
    Ritija G What wonderful news, congratulations! Best wishes, looking forward to some adorable baby pictures in the Fall!
    Christopher R CONGRATS!!!!!!!
    Ramadan A Wow, awesome! Guess who has been keeping secrets.
  • Sora A Congrats Anwar you're going to be exhausted but you'll love it
    Peter M Awesome!! So excited for you!
    Rubina Z Anwar, congrats! You're in for more than you realize but it will be worth every second.
    Detroit R Bells yea! Congrats my friend!

    Anwar White Thank you everyone for the encouraging words. I am over the moon and can't wait for the jelly beans to come!
    Nothing but love, love, love.
    You never know how people are going to react since everything in this process is a little... let's say.... different! People were so super supportive, it was AWESOME! I even had friends tell me that they are going to be sending me all their baby books!

    The thing that touched me the most this week was chatting with a friend who is in a relationship that she really doesn't want to be in but feels she needs to settle because of her age and because she wants kids soon. She told me that hearing about my process has inspired and encouraged her to move forward and get past her fears. WOW! 

    I also chatted with another female friend who cannot have children and hearing my story inspired her as well to look into Indian surrogacy. Honestly, in the last week, I feel like I have been an ambassador to Indian Surrogacy in general and specifically my partner clinic SCI Healthcare, as I have done nothing but sing their praises!
    Next step now..... The Workplace reveal! =)


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  1. What wonderful news! Really happy for you. You're such a support on everyone's blogs, and it's great to see your happiness now. Now if only India would lift its silly restrictions! Fingers crossed!