Monday, April 15, 2013

Oma Needs a New Phone Background Pic!

I know I haven’t blogged in a while. I had a crazy week last week at work. It was end of the month and things got a bit hectic, coupled with the fact that I had something to do after work every night last week. Craziness! I survived the week though so I am above water at the moment.

On Wednesday, I was able to go to a LGBT Prospective Parent Potluck through the organization Our Family Coalition (God, I love living in the Bay Area). It was informative and it was just great to be in a space of LGBT parents. I got a lot of great information about resources in the area after the babies come as well as childcare options (which is a major focus at the moment). All in all, I was glad that I went to the event. Since I am further along in the process, I do believe I will be going to this group called “Mamas and Papas”.

One thing that stuck out to me that night was talking to the Program Coordinator. She was informing me that the biggest question that LGBT parents pose after having children was, “Where are all of my friends who said they would be there and support me when I had children”. I have read this before so I have mentally prepared myself for not much help from many of my gay friends here in the Bay Area. I am just thankful that my sister and Mom will be with me to help me. So thankful.

On Thursday, I was able to meet up with a friend from business school for her birthday. She had just moved with her partner and 2 year-old son from Australia. She is super excited about me having twins and has named herself top of the twin babysitting list! So funny! Her enthusiasm is totally infectious! When she told the group of people at her party about my baby news, the women were totally excited and the straight guys were totally ‘already’ overwhelmed. I thought that was sooooo funny!

This weekend, my older sister told her daughters (11 and 9 years-old) that they would be getting cousins soon. I got a call immediately from them immediately wanting to know their names. I still must call nieces back, but the excitement of their voices really warmed my heart. Also, since I brought back Indian jewelry and goodies for their mother, they have been so infatuated with the Indian culture. I can’t wait until I tell them that the babies are currently in India being well taken care of. =)

I am expecting a new report from the clinic by the end of the week. I can’t wait to see the scans. My Mom, who will be called 'Oma' (=Grandma in German) by the kids, can’t either since she has made her phone background the pic of the latest baby scans! The second trimester month-long waiting has kinda been killing me. =)

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