Saturday, September 7, 2013

Baby Shower Pics

Hope everyone is doing well.
I finally got the pics to my baby shower:

Was it a baby shower or a frat party?... you be the judge.

Also, my Mom came into town on Wednesday in preparation for the flight to India on Monday. We are all super excited for the babes to come. I'm so glad she is here.

On Thursday, my work threw me a surprise baby shower and breakfast. It was so sweet. They all pitched in a got me a Target gift card with an amount on it that blew my mind. Let's just say, I can get everything the babies need during my paternity leave, and more. What a blessing! I was telling my Mom earlier that I consider myself a pretty independent person and try not to put an expectations on anyone because I know that I can do for myself. So when people go out of their way to help or support me, it really does touch. I am so grateful.

My last day of work was this Friday... so let's bring on the babies. I mean we are already in week 37. I think it might be a record for SCI twins, hahaha.



  1. 37 weeks and the twins are still in the womb. Amazing! Very good to them!
    Good lucky in Delhi!

  2. Wow we are 10-11 weeks along with twins at sci and we hope ours decide to stay put as long as that :-) congrats and looking forward to more updates

  3. oh goodness - so excited for you!!!! we will be looking forward to your
    'babies are here" post. safe travels to you and your mom!! Just think on your flight back to the states you'll have your little babies with you!