Friday, March 8, 2013

Double the Work!

So as you might be able to tell, I haven’t been sleeping well for the past 1-2 weeks. I think part of it is that I do have the jelly beans on my mind but a big part of it has been work. Work has been super crazy (nothing unmanageable), but still pulling me in a variety of different directions. I just found out that my boss will be leaving in two weeks and a coworker of mine went on an interview for a job that he knows he will get. Therefore, my workload will basically double and I have to answer to the CFO. My only hope is that I am compensated for it which I will use for the jelly beans childcare. Also, if you couple that with getting used to my training schedule, all I can say is …. I need some sleep! This upcoming weekend, I don’t think I will be able to get the rest I need though because I have been planning to do something this weekend that will take up most of the weekend. I will spill the beans next week.

Anyway, I recently dreamed that I met two kids, both of color, ages around 5 or 6. They were speaking fluent German to me and I was extremely impressed. I wanted to adopt them and take them home but felt overwhelmed because I knew the jelly beans were coming. When I woke up, I wanted to know who these kids were. I later realized that these were my future kids I had met in my dream. Sorry but those who know me, know that I am soooooo New Age.

So…. every time I post something or get an update from the clinic, I also call my GMA. She isn’t really into the ‘World Wide Web’ so she will never read this blog. I think she thinks the Internet is evil, but I digress. Anyway, she has been so sweet to me since I revealed the news about the jelly beans. Everytime I start talking about the jellybeans, one can hear 1, 2, 3 doors shut behind her to make sure no one can hear her. She is taking this so seriously and I love it. My own little “Alias” spy. She also called me this week to tell me about an episode of Katie about “modern families”. It focused on people who were LGBT going through the surrogacy process, just like me and the “New Normal” show. It was sweet of her to think of me. She also got mad at me for buying some baby clothes and she said and I quote, “ I wanted to be the first person to buy something for the babies”. She is so competitive. If she only knew, Cyncere bought something for them roughly 2-3 months ago. =)
Current scans (below):
Although in my calculations the jelly beans should have been 10 weeks and 3 days, they are measuring at 11 weeks. Sounds like they are growing exponentially and surromom is feeding them well, so I’m happy! If you look at the scans, it looks like on twin is squishing the other one. I guess I know one of them will be a true ‘boss’.#somuchworkaheadofme

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