Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy, Smiling Babies

Thank you everyone for your well wishes in my health. I am feeling much better this week than I did last week. I am officially back on my grind. This week was the last week for my boss, so it has been a bunch of ceremonial goodbye breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. The good news is that 1) they have already interviewed 2 people for my bosses job, and 2) my colleague that I thought was going to leave will be staying at least until May. This is all very good news.

This week I received my scans from the clinic (see below).

Please please please take a close look at these scans. Am I crazy or are these babies are smiling, happy, and cheerful ALREADY!?! My heart jumped when I saw these scans. My little babies…. already having a good ol’ time! My soul smiled as I saw this. What amazing images to capture!

The clinic also provided information that a low-lying placenta was observed. I immediately contacted the clinic for more information, as well as doing the extensive online research with my Mom. The conclusion was made that at this juncture, it is not anything to be overly concerned about, since we are just beginning the second trimester. As the pregnancy progresses, the placenta will probably move on its own, but the clinic told me that they would monitor intensely and give the surromom extra treatment. That helped to calm my thoughts. I just want to take this opportunity to sing the praises of SCI. They have been amazing and I am so happy that I chose them as a partner in this journey.

In other news, I have completely organized everything (or most everything) I need to do for this process by week until the babies are born from Baby Research to SUV purchase to Pediatrician interviews and decision, to Infant CPR classes with the help of Babycenter’s Ultimate Pregnancy list:
Obviously, I had to include many more tasks to organize such as DNA tests, Housing Reservations, India Flight Reservations, US Embassy in Delhi Intro and paperwork, post baby communications via India, etc. but doing this has really enabled me to bite off a little bit at a time to get everything planned, researched, and done … so when they come, I’m as ready as I can be!



  1. Anwar, congratulations to you! I just came across your blog a few days ago but looking through your entries, I can see that your babies are going to be so lucky to have such an amazing, loving dad as yourself. Looking forward to reading about your journey ahead! Best wishes, - Toban

    1. Toban, thank you so much for your kind words! It is very sweet of you. I have also caught up on your blog with Orion!How cute is he! Please continue blogging. There is so much for us future parents to learn and blogs are a great medium for that. =)

  2. Anwar buddy how you doing, yes contact Karin in Dehli so she knows who you are I tell everyone that. Use her for qeustions to, she is there to work for you. Also the DNA place we all use in in Arazonia they have a 36-48 hour turn around on DNa the fastest out there. Also Swiss air was so good to me when I flew them check them out they made it so comfertable when I flew home with the Isabella. Need anything buddy let me know MIchael

    1. Thanks for the helpful hints! Glad to see Isabella doing well! Its amazing she is sleeping at night! I'm over the moon for you! It was surreal to see you on the SCI blog as a happy parent! Talk about full circle! Amazing, just amazing!