Monday, March 18, 2013

Low Energy, but still Optimistic and Excited

All last week I had very low energy. I even decided to work from home last Friday. All weekend I slept, except for the date I had with Fritz Saturday evening, which went well. But right afterward I went home and slept, even though he wanted to hang out more. I just physically could not do it. Sunday I slept a lot as well. When I woke up this morning and walked the dogs, I got very nauseated (I'll spare you the details)so I decided to stay home. I am recovering nicely now that I have been taking medication. I am thankful to be living with Cyncere as she has become 'super nurse' and has been taking care of me all day long. She will make such a good godmother.

Unfortunately, because of my low energy, I was not able to bike ride and train like I wanted to. Although, on Sunday evening I sent out my first 'donation' email for my AIDS Lifecycle event, and the support has been piling in. Even from people who I never thought would donate. It has been quite touching to feel the support and love from so many people and it is only the beginning.

I should be hearing something from SCI tomorrow, which I am so excited about. I have been plugging away in terms of research and planning every day and feel more and more prepared everyday. I recently saw a show called Celebrity Wife Swap where Kate Gosselin switched places with Playboy Playmate Kendra. All I have to say is that Kate Gosselin is my new hero. Single Mom with 8 kids (twins and sextuplets) and a strict daily scheduled routine that will never deviate. It was amazing to see her household in action. She has become my new parenting inspiration (besides my Mom, of course).


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