Monday, February 4, 2013

Ask and Receive, or Surrender?

So I try to usually write my blog every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday but this weekend has been taken over by the Tennis Gala, Superbowl, and preparing for my Mom to come, so I must admit I have slacked off a bit on here…. But now I’m back!

This process has required a lot of introspection about the essence of it and how I choose to live my life. One of the major questions I have struggled with for a while is this:
How do I ask for what I want and expect to receive it (aka The Secret) while also being able to surrender to whatever result may be?

In my own philosophical journey that I began intensely last year, this was one of the major questions I struggled with. As I am majorly involved in this process, this question has come up again. As someone who has spiritually always knew I was going to have twins, how do I reconcile the possibility that I might not have them…?

In speaking with my Mother, I came to the following conclusions:

1) I must always ask what I want and therefore set my Intention (Intention being the key word)
2) I must always expect the outcome of what I ask for with every fiber of my body

3) If the outcome doesn’t come out as I have expected, I must trust in the Universe, and surrender to the result.
    a. I must know that the Universe is ‘looking out for me’ and that

    b. Whatever happens will be the best thing for me, if not now, definitely in the future.

This is how I have reconciled these two schools of thought.

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