Thursday, February 7, 2013

Some Questions, Some Answers, Some Amazement, Some Suspense

As some of you may know, under new FRRO guidelines regulating commercial surrogacy arrangements in India, gay couples and single foreigners will no longer be eligible to have an Indian surrogate bear their child.

So I ask SCI Healthcare about this new regulation that is supposed to be strictly enforced starting at the beginning of this year. I wanted to know how this would affect me? They responded promptly with the following email:

Dear Anwar
The FRRO has asked for a list of clients currently in visa, the implication is that people on this list will be granted exit visas for babies. With your permission we will put you on this list, it is to be submitted by 18th February.

Ummm, yes, please.
FYI, if you are currently single, LGBT, or a young married couple and pregnant with SCI, I would ensure that they are including you on this list to ensure no problems moving forward.

Paddington Books:
The most amazing thing happened yesterday while my Mom and I were doing some thrift store shopping. I found the following books:

Can you believe that?
I have never seen any foreign language books for children at a thrift store, not even in Spanish, which is saying a lot living in California. But German…. German! Especially since I will be raising my kids in German, I had to snatch them up immediately. AMAZING! Still unbelievable.

Well my Grandma (GMA) surprised me and told me that she would be coming up from Southern California and visiting me while my Mom is here. I think her thinking was to hit two birds with one stone. The only issue is that she doesn’t know about the surrogacy process yet. I have decided to tell her even though my plan was to tell her at 12 weeks. I just couldn’t see us (My Mom, Cyncere, and I) not talking about the babies just because GMA is with us.

So now I have two issues 1) I don’t know how she will react, and 2) I don’t want her to tell anyone as I want to keep this knowledge only among close friends until 12 weeks. The only problem is… hmmm … how do I say this diplomatically… she likes to communicate a lot with everyone (as she is the matriarch of my family). She tells everyone everything. So we will see if she will be able to keep this information sealed tight or not. I will let you all know how it all turns out.

But tonight… tonight all of my East Bay grals and family will have a Scandal TV show KiKi party where we all watch the show and gag over all of the suspense.

Until next time,

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  1. NO matter what happpens the FRRO will still give you shit, still harrass you and still be a pain in your ass. Make sure your mother goes with its a helper, also Make a lie and stick with it. I am gay I am proud of being gay, but when they asked me why I was not married i told them that my wife was killed in a accident. Yeah I lied but I did not want to go through the BS that Jake from Austriala went through just before i went in. I would lose it and tell them off. Told them she was my soul mate and I still am in love with her and so on. Just dont get carried away, because there was a Aussie that did and they made him wait 5 weeks before he could leave. :) Good luck buddy, Ia m here for you