Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Process is my Process..

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been a little under the weather. I think I am still recovering from traveling and remnants of Vegas, I guess. I'm feeling much better, so no need to worry. I wanted to give a quick shout out and congratulations to Michael and his beautiful daughter Isabella. What a beautiful video of him holding his daughter:

Truly beautiful! It is amazing because Michael has been a huge inspiration for me in pursuing this process with SCI. It is amazing that his child has finally come. I can only think about the very near days that I will be holding my children. What a joyous time that will be!

As Michael moves forward on his journey as a real father, I am again inspired and motivated by the many connections I have made through the blogosphere. So many people, both single fathers and couples have been so supportive and motivating. It feels like a real fraternity/sorority of sorts, since we are all going through the same thing.

Well, my beta level this past Monday were around 650 (week 3). It seems a bit lower than others but the doctor says to think I am in normal range, so I will go with that. My levels are doubling so I can be very optimistic about that (which is the most important thing). The clinic said that they will be doing another scan either tomorrow or Monday. I am hoping for sacs to be seen or present and beta levels over the 2500 mark! If I receive a report with those two things I will be happy. I made the cardinal mistake of looking up beta levels of others online (ala WEDMD), which gave me mini freak out moments. Huge mistake. I will never make that mistake again. My sister had to calm me down and make me promise not to look up any other beta levels of other surrogacy bloggers or of women in IVF forums until I hear back from the clinic. I have come to the conclusions that they are slow growers but will be picking up the pace in this week.

I will obviously let you all know how everything goes...

Lesson Learned: My process is my process. I cannot nor should I compare it with the process of others.


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  1. Oh Anwar, you are going to make me cry MR you sound just like me. DONT DO RESEARCH it will only worry you to death. I did the same thing and I was scared when mine was that 95.46 I was so worried I looked everywhere on line. Meg bless her heart told me to just stop, you are going to worry your self to death. I told her I would stop, do you think I did NOT. I just kept it to myself. You dont know what it was like when I first saw my daughter, but you son will find out, I still cry thinking of it. I went into this alone, and along the way i found a terriffic man that accpeted me with my child, I just hope he stays forever if not I am ok being alone. Keep your heart in the right place, dont let anyone, and I mean anyone tell you that you cant do this or what you are doing is dumb. THIS IS YOUR LIFE no one else' YOU HAVE TO MAKE YOU HAPPY no one else can, and I am extatic. anytime U need to talk please contact me. Once again thanks for the kind words.