Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Now it is real!

Ever since I saw the two eggs, it has all become very real for me.

I have been telling everyone. I am just super excited. Cyncere and I even watched ‘A Baby Story’ and ‘Bringing Home a Baby’ on Monday night to continue our hugh exciting baby mood. Bringing Home a Baby really hit me hard because the episode we saw had a gay couple who brought home twins.

NEWSFLASH, it will be a ton of work! I am sure the first 3-6 months will be a true blur. I am glad to know that I have the support of my family and friends, who have been so thrilled for me. I know I am quite early in the process but I can only be nothing but optimistic of the outcome so far.
I am soooo excited for my Mom to be coming on next Tuesday. Not only will she get some time to just relax, but she will also be super helpful in getting me together to prepare for my ‘jelly beans’. Cyncere coined the term jelly beans for the current growers in my surrogate, so that’s what I will be going with until they start to look like human beings. Anyway, Mom, Cece, and I will sit down and strategize on everything that is needed to prepare, books, classes, equipment, etc. Exciting!

This week has been a busy one at work, especially because I have still been a bit under the weather, but I am feeling great now and working is starting to ease up. I’m looking forward to this weekend. On Saturday night I have a Gay Tennis Gala and on Sunday is the Superbowl! Go SF 49ers! The city is going crazy! It will be amazing to go 2/2 MLB (Giants) and NFL (49ers) CHAMPS. We will see!


  1. I am happy for you buddy, but slow down be happy but the first trimester is the mostcritcal one and anything can happn. I hope its uneventful and nothing happens. Just be happy to be pregnant and go with the flow. Dont think of twins because everything cost double, and they always come premature. So just send good thoughts over that your pregnant. I know its hard but you have to, you want stressfree first trimester. You sound like me and its easy to say when your actions are differnt. Just pray for a happy healthy baby plain and simple. If you have twins better put money away as they have to stay in the hospital longer and thats a added expense not covered in the plan. Also make sure your mom can go like I did it will save you money on not having to hire a nanny. C-section is $2500 more and ever surrogate does it from what I have seen, and its about $100 a day your baby stays in the hospital if he or she is borna month early like they are that $3000 more Just be prepaired is what I am saying work over time like I did I had no life last year excpet work :) be happy your gonna be a daddy

    1. Thanks for the reality check. I hope everything is going well for you in India. Let me know how the FRRO goes...